Community social life springs from Osprey’s 3,000 square foot recreational/social centre developed for strata owners.

The venue will be perfect for community events. From meetings for small groups and social gatherings- the possibilities are endless. In addition to the strata council office, the centre will feature a well equipped exercise room, pool table, music facilities, meeting room and patios that invite activity year-round.

Since the facility will not be available until after Phase 2, this will provide an opportunity to canvas phase 1 and Phase 2 owners for their input and suggestions.

A scene of tranquility surrounds Osprey. Across from the entrance is the South Thompson Riverfront crown land, an area frequented by many birds of prey and waterfowl. The swimming area and boat launch is surrounded by large areas of grass with deciduous trees. The onsite Osprey private park and pond contains a walk and leisure area as well as a community garden space.